• Candles 101: How to Choose the Highest Quality Candles

    Buying candles seems simple enough. After all, candles are sold almost everywhere. But the question is, can you really tell the difference between a dollar store candle and a candle purchased from a high-end boutique? Are all of these candles created equally? What really makes a candle worth a higher price point?
  • The Best Gifts to Send to Friends Other than Flowers

    The holiday season will be here before we know it and thanks to COVID-19, things are going to look a little different. More people will be shopping for holiday gifts online, more people will be spending the holidays at home with just small gatherings and many people are canceling their typical travel plans.
  • The Top 5 Holiday Gifts that Go with Candles

    Did you know that about one-third of all candle sales happen around the Christmas holiday season? That means, as a stand-alone gift, candles can sometimes lose their luster. But, there’s a reason they are so popular! Candles are versatile, universally loved and thoughtful.
  • The Major Health Benefits of Burning Candles

    The world around us is going a little crazy right now and it can be difficult to feel grounded. The stress of working full time, managing child care, running a household, and just keeping things running smoothly is overwhelming. Luckily, there are ways to help manage stress and improve your mood just by lighting organic wick candles.
  • Handmade Candles vs. Mass Produced Candles

    Does the kind of candle you buy really matter? If you have a candle obsession like we do, then the answer is yes. And while you might already know some of the major benefits of choosing handmade candles over the mass-produced options, it never hurts to get a quick refresher as to the reasons you need to put down the generic candle and instead shop for custom, hand-painted candles instead.
  • Top 3 Ways to Use Handmade Candles in Your Home Decor

    When you are redesigning a space in your home, it’s about more than just function. It’s about creating a space that speaks to your personality and more importantly, the personality of the room. Choosing paint colors, furniture pieces, and decorative rugs that contribute to the overall feeling you are trying to achieve is key.