The Top 5 Holiday Gifts that Go with Candles

November 20, 2020 2 min read

The Top 5 Holiday Gifts that Go with Candles

Did you know that about one-third of all candle sales happen around the Christmas holiday season? That means, as a stand-alone gift, candles can sometimes lose their luster. But, there’s a reason they are so popular! Candles are versatile, universally loved and thoughtful. 

To make your gift candles stand out, though, you must step outside of the traditional big box stores and get a little more creative with your gift-giving. Flatyz candles are unquestionably unique. The flat design sets them apart from the majority of candles on the market, and to take it one step further, every single candle is hand-painted in Lithuania with a custom design that works as a piece of art. These beautiful candles are perfect on their own, but can really shine with the right accessories.

The 5 Best Gifts to Give With Flatyz Candles

Buying gifts is challenging. Especially when it comes to thoughtful gifts that really show how much you care. With Flatyz candles, you can customize your gifts to each and every recipient in a way that makes them feel special, loved, and appreciated. 

  1. Cute and Cozy Gift Basket - What goes better with a candle than an oversized blanket, warm fuzzy socks, and a new monogrammed mug? You can almost picture your loved one cuddling up by the fireside thanks to your thoughtful gift idea. 
  2. Corporate Swag - There is nothing worse than giving all of your employees a t-shirt with your logo for Christmas. Make each gift a little more personalized by adding Flatyz hand-painted candles wrapped in a clear bag, bow, and a handwritten name tag.  
  3. Hand-Written Card - Especially in 2020, people want to feel loved. Whether you are far apart or next-door neighbors, nothing beats a hand-written card. Take your time and write something meaningful and then before you seal the envelope slide in a Flatyz candle. Every time your loved one looks at the candle, they will remember your lovely note. 
  4. Gourmet Candy - One of the best things about Flatyz candles is how unique they are and how every single one is unique. Take this theme a step further and include artisan chocolates, gourmet tea bags, or handmade sweet treats. 
  5. Home Decor Items - Flatyz candles shine on their own because of their unique shape and custom hand-painted designs. But if you want to personalize them even further, consider packaging yours with a hurricane vase with matching ornaments or a candle holder that complements the design. 

          Every Flatyz candle is one-of-a-kind just like the person receiving it. These candles are made of natural materials, are scent-free and clean burning. Every single gift candle is hand-painted with love so that when you give it this holiday season, you can feel confident your gift will be a memorable one. 

          About Flatzy Candles

          When you shop Flatyz, you can feel confident you are shopping only for the highest quality candles. All of our candles are handmade with love, organic wicks, and highly-refined paraffin. This is something you just can’t get when you buy mass-produced candles. Shop online today. Find a style that speaks to you.